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Fairphone TWS Right Replacement Earbud

Lost or broke one of your TWS earbuds but still got two ears? We have just the thing or two for you: A great way to replace only what you need. The right replacement earbud makes your TWS trifecta (2 earbuds, 1 case) whole again, all while sparing both the planet and your wallet.

Please note: the Fairphone TWS Right Replacement Earbud comes with the medium-sized ear tip. The small and large ear tips are sold separately.

As low as £39.95
Including taxes and duties. Excluding shipping costs.
We're sorry, that's not possible right now

It's not possible to order more than one Fairphone device when you purchase a Fairphone Easy subsciription. This is a technical limitation, and it's totally on us - sorry about that.

First, complete your Fairphone Easy order. Afterwards, create a separate order for the other device or additional subscription.

  • Delivered within 2 - 5 days

It honestly happens to the best of us: Crunch, splash aaand gone (to name just a few examples). But just because you lost one (or both?!) of your earbuds, doesn’t mean it has to be the end of your TWS enjoyment.

In fact, you’re in luck - because we’ve got just the thing for you: An identical replacement, doing exactly what you expect it to, for a fraction of the whole set price. Same great in ear fit, same great sound quality, active noise canceling, the whole nine yards. Just another way to hold onto what you have, while sparing the planet and your wallet.

Disclaimier: The earbuds themselves look cool in your ear or on your desk, but to enjoy your favorite playlist, they do need to be charged. So this replacement part is for TWS owners only :)

More Information
Compatibility Compatible with Fairphone 4, Fairphone 3, Fairphone 2
Returns 14-day free returns
Warranty 2-year warranty
Color Black, Grey, Green
Longueur 35 mm
Width 15 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Weight 5 g
What is in the box Fairphone TWS Right Replacement Earbud with a medium-sized ear tip