Fairphone 4 Loudspeaker

The Fairphone 4 Loudspeaker does exactly what you think it does. It plays crystal clear audio for every occasion: hands-free calls, video playback, music streaming, games, you name it. Did we mention that it pairs with the Earpiece speaker to produce glorious stereo sound? And this sound gets even better, when you know it comes from recycled and fair materials.

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The Fairphone 4 Loudspeaker is what gives your phone a voice: clear, crisp audio for hands-free calls, video playback or your favorite playlist is one thing. But it also features part of the antennas that enable 5G network support and hosts the vibration motor for that familiar notification buzzzzz.

Best of all, it contains post-consumer recycled rare Earths and conflict-free, fair tungsten.

More Information
Compatibility Compatible with Fairphone 4 | Incompatible with Fairphone 3+, Fairphone 3, Fairphone 2, Fairphone 1
Returns 14-day free returns
Warranty 2-year warranty
Longueur 19.7 mm
Width 69.2 mm
Thickness 6.3 mm
Weight 5 g
What is in the box Loudspeaker, Health and Safety Guide