Limited time discount on all Fairphone 4 models, valid till the 10th of April. T&Cs apply.

* For now, available only in the Netherlands.

Fairphone Easy


Lease the green Fairphone 4 from €21,00 per month. Only available in the Netherlands!

Being sustainable has never been this Easy


No worries

Accidents happen to the best of us. And when they do, we’ll replace your damaged phone within 48 hours.


A subscription that suits you

You call the shots: Fairphone 4 subscriptions start from as little as 3 months, all the way to 60 months. Of course the free repair service is included.


Use your own sim card

With Fairphone Easy you’ll get a Fairphone 4 for a fixed fee per month. Just insert your own SIM card and you are good to go.


Good for the planet - and your wallet

Turns out, taking care of your phone pays off: Lower your monthly subscription costs with each damage-free year. 


What’s included

You’ll get the Fairphone 4, our most sustainable phone yet, including protective accessories. And did we already tell you about the all-inclusive repair and swap service?

Phone and protection

  • Fairphone 4 (in 256GB, 8GB RAM, Color: Green)*
  • Protective case - with color of your choice
  • Screen protector (blue light filter)

* Please note, comes without SIM card, so use your own SIM card or select a SIM-only subscription with your preferred network operator 

Simple repairs and swap service

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free repairs or replacement of parts*
  • If your phone breaks, we swap it in 48hrs*

*A replacement phone will be sent after approval by a Customer Support employee. Terms and conditions apply

How it works


Choose your plan 

3, 12, 36 or even 60 months - you call the shots. Just choose the subscription that suits you and don’t forget your accessories. Once approved, you’ll receive your Fairphone 4, case and screen protector within 48 hours.


Love your Fairphone

The Fairphone 4 can handle everything you throw at it. Make it yours to enjoy. For how long is up to you. Cancel or extend your flexible subscription at any time. 


Relax, it’s covered

It wouldn’t be called Fairphone Easy if we didn’t include free repairs as well. Managed to break something? We’ll set you up with a replacement phone within 48 hours. You’ll barely miss a tweet.


You return, we reuse & recycle

Decided to call it quits? No hard feelings. Just send your Fairphone back to us. We’ll make sure to reuse it or recycle its components. This cuts down on electronic waste and promotes a circular economy.

All Fairphone Easy advantages combined


All-in repair service

The Fairphone 4 is built to last… and yet, sometimes things break. No worries,, because we’ll send you a replacement phone faster than you can say “replacement phone” - In 48 hours or less to be specific.

Repair costs? On us, of course*. 

* Terms and conditions apply


Did we already tell you how flexible the subscription is?

A smartphone is something personal, we get that. And not everyone is immediately ready to commit.

Just try the Fairphone 4 and see if you like it. Not for you? No problem, you can stop the subscription anytime after the subscription period. Convinced? Welcome, your subscription will automatically continue if you like.

Take care, save money. Easy!

The biggest environmental impact of your phone happens during production.. So the longer you keep your phone, the more sustainable it gets. So what about this: the longer you keep your Fairphone in a good shape, the lower your monthly costs. After 5 years you only pay 9 euros a month.

Good for the planet and wallet.

* Terms and conditions apply


How to start with Fairphone Easy

1. Choose your subscription period

Choose a smartphone subscription of 3, 12, 36 or 60 months. The longer your subscription, the lower your subscription costs. A 90 euro deposit will be included, which we will return to you immediately after the subscription has ended.

2. Extra’s and Checkout

Choose your favourite protective back cover colour and add additional accessories if you like. The screen protector will be automatically added to your order. Follow the steps to the check-out to finalise the subscription process.

3. The subscription starts

When the checks are processed successfully you will receive a confirmation email. Shortly after you will receive your phone with accessories!


Nothing is wasted. Everything lives on.

By subscribing to Fairphone Easy, you’re contributing to a more circular economy. Every Fairphone you keep in play longer is a phone that doesn’t have to be made from scratch - and that’s a very real difference in CO2-footprint.

Every Fairphone returned to us at the end of a subscription is reused for a new subscriber. If it’s scuffed, we’ll refurbish it before we pass it on. Whatever can’t be reused is recycled responsibly in our European facility, minimizing e-waste even more. You can read more about our Reuse and Recycle program here.

Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair.

Fairphone is the only smartphone company that puts fair at the core of everything we do.. From responsible material sourcing to advocating for workers’ welfare, we share all our results freely and set new standards for the entire industry.

With Fairphone Easy, we're putting change in your hands. When you subscribe, you get so much more than a smartphone. Fairphone Easy is:

  • A statement for changing the way we use and make products.
  • A radical act of caring for people and planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe?

Here on our website you can subscribe to Fairphone Easy.

Choose your subscription period and accessories. Follow the steps to check-out to complete your subscription request

To confirm your request we need to do Credit checks. After successful confirmation of the checks we will send you the phone with accessories within 48 hrs.

What kind of repairs are included?

All hardware repairs are included. Software issues will be resolved remotely. In general, all repairs are free, except for water damage. Or if we find that you haven’t used the protective accessories.

Replacing a screen and battery is for free once a year. Beyond this, extra replacement will be on you. We will only charge the cost price then.

Can I keep the phone after the subscription period?

You cannot keep or buy the phone after the subscription period. With Fairphone Easy we have the ambition to keep phones in use as long as we can. By retaining ownership we can control this and can ensure the phone and its parts are used as long as possible. In the end we will recycle all materials.

Subscribe to Fairphone Easy

Lease the Fairphone 4 now for only 21 euro a month. Only in the Netherlands!


Fairphone 4 5G - Green

  • Including protective back cover and screen protector (no SIM card)

  • 256 GB storage, 8GB RAM

From 21 euro a month

(Cable and charger sold separately)