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Getting started with Fairphone

Everything you need to know to get your Fairphone up and running

Transfer your data easily


Transfer your contacts, photos and more from any phone using a cable or wireless connection.

Your apps ready to go

Start your new Fairphone with all your old apps in place, with more to discover on the Google Play Store.

Secure and Easy-To-Use

Customize your Fairphone however you like, all while protected by Google Play Protect

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Useful guides

Register for Extended Warranty

Learn how to register your new Fairphone and activate your Extended Warranty.

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Getting around Android

Learn the basics of setting up and using an Android phone right here.

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Installing an eSIM

The Fairphone 5 supports dual SIMs. Use an eSim as your primary phone number, or use it alongside your nano SIM.

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Connecting to other devices

Fairphone seamlessly connects with WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC-enabled devices. You can also create a WiFi hotspot.

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Tips and tricks

Discover how to get the most out of your new Fairphone device with this helpful video.

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Need more help?

Browse more support articles to maximize your smartphone experience, including how to back up your device.

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Fair services for you

Join the Keep Club

Get rewarded for keeping your Fairphone for longer:

  • Get exclusive Fairphone discounts for your friends

  • Unlock challenges and earn points by sticking with your Fairphone

  • Redeem your Keep Club points at the Fairphone web shop

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My Fairphone App

Here’s where you go if you want to track your Fairphone journey:

  • Comes pre-installed on your Fairphone device

  • Get detailed insights on your Fairphone’s performance

  • Get tips and tricks to maximise your Fairphone experience

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Give your old phone a second chance

Is your phone lying in a drawer somewhere? Why not reduce the waste? It’s worth it.


Your Fairphone needs friends

Fairbuds XL

Cut out background noise with our iconic over-the-ear Fairbuds XL.

€249.00 €249.00
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Not a Fairphone
owner yet?


Get to know our most sustainable phone. Fast, powerful, reliable - for years to come.

  • 5 years warranty

  • Software support until 2031

  • Android 13

  • Made from fair and recycled materials

€699.00 €699.00 €699.00