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Android enterprise recommended

It’s not just a seal of approval. Fairphone and Google™ are working together to provide enterprises with the best and most secure mobile experience possible. So you can feel good about setting your business up on mobile with the Fairphone 5.

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Fairphone 5 is Android Enterprise Recommended

Say hello to the new Fairphone 5. Designed for your business. Made fair. With long-term support for at least eight years, a five-year warranty and a minimum of five Android OS updates, your employees will be taken care of for a really, REALLY long time! The Fairphone 5 ships with Android™ 13 with security support till August 2031 at least.

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Fairphone 4 is also Android Enterprise Recommended

The Fairphone 4 is sustainable, long-lasting and fair. Especially when it comes to your business – and the business of doing good. Support your employees and the planet by making the fair choice. The Fairphone 4 is delivered with Android™ 13* (upgradable to Android™ 14). We are aiming for software support until 2026 and may extend that to 2028.

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Powerful & secure

Android Enterprise provides a security and management framework built right into Android. Fairphone’s participation in the program gives our customers added assurance that it meets Google’s strict hardware and software requirements. Android Enterprise Recommended means you get timely security patches and clear information about major updates. Know your company’s devices are always up to date.

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Best in green electronics


There are more phones than people. And behind every device is a complex supply chain. With suppliers, local communities and the wider industry, we work for fairer materials and more responsible practices. Showing the electronics industry that we can do better.

Together we’re disrupting the industry’s short-term thinking that the world can no longer afford. And changing what it means to be “best.”