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Fairphone TWS Charging Case

This is exactly what you think it is: A great way to replace only what you need. Lost or broke your case, but earbuds still going strong? Our replacement charging case will do the trick for you.

As low as €34.95

Excluding shipping costs

We're sorry, that's not possible right now

It's not possible to order more than one Fairphone device when you purchase a Fairphone Easy subsciription. This is a technical limitation, and it's totally on us - sorry about that.

First, complete your Fairphone Easy order. Afterwards, create a separate order for the other device or additional subscription.

  • Delivered within 2 - 5 days

You know what goes great with our sustainably sourced TWS earbuds? The proper charging case. They do look great on their own, but charging them and enjoying your sounds on the go is kind of the point.

So did you just smash, sink or squander your case, but somehow held onto the earbuds? We’ve got you covered. Only replace what you need and you’re good to go.

Disclaimer: The case itself looks cool and has a nice, satisfying click to it, when flicking it shut - but it doesn’t do much on its own. For TWS owners only :)

More Information
Compatibility Compatible with Fairphone 4, Fairphone 3, Fairphone 2
Returns 14-day free returns
Warranty 2-year warranty
Color Black, Grey, Green
Length 50 mm
Width 60 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Weight 36 g
What is in the box Fairphone TWS Charging Case