Limited time discount on all Fairphone 4 models, valid till the 19th of June. T&Cs apply.

Fairphone 4 Earpiece

The Fairphone 4 Earpiece puts the “phone” in Fairphone. Not only does it give you great audio-quality for standard calls, it also doubles as the second stereo speaker, when enjoying movies, games or music on the go. Aaand it’s replaceable.

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It's not possible to order more than one Fairphone device when you purchase a Fairphone Easy subsciription. This is a technical limitation, and it's totally on us - sorry about that.

First, complete your Fairphone Easy order. Afterwards, create a separate order for the other device or additional subscription.

  • Delivered within 2 - 5 days

The Fairphone 4 Earpiece is a great spare part for everyone who still uses their phone to make calls. You know, like you used to do. It also doubles as the second stereo speaker for clear, crisp audio playback for all your favorite videos, games or records. This multifunctional little spare part sits well protected behind the Rear Cameras and is easily accessible for a quick fix or swap.

More Information
Compatibility Compatible with Fairphone 4 | Incompatible with Fairphone 3+, Fairphone 3, Fairphone 2, Fairphone 1
Returns 14-day free returns
Warranty 2-year warranty
Longueur 18.3 mm
Width 19.9 mm
Thickness 3.1 mm
Weight 1.1 g
What is in the box Earpiece Health and Safety Guide