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Long-lasting smartphones and accessories that benefit the planet

Your phone can do better

Your phone is more than a device. It's a tool for change. We’re changing how we source the materials in your phone. Taking care of the people who make it, and reusing what we can to limit waste and reduce CO2 emissions. Making your phone do more for people and planet.

What it means to be fair



The most sustainable phone is the one you keep. Our Fairphones are designed to grow with you. With a long hardware warranty and even longer software warranty, you get easy access to support, and modular parts available through our web shop. So you can care for what you already have.


Your phone has gold in it. Actually, it’s made with many precious minerals. With each device, we’re increasing the use of recycled materials, reducing emissions and waste, and improving mining practices by adressing inhumane working conditions. All of which are more precious than gold.


The production of a new phone is the most CO2 intensive part of the process. By designing our devices with longer lifespans, incorporating recycled materials, and investing in projects that are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions during production, we’re taking responsibility for our planet. This is climate conscious.


The phone in your hand was made by many. We collaborate with production partners, labor rights experts and NGOs to make more liveable wages, improve worker input and satisfaction, and create safer workplace environments. Cherishing the many hands that made your phone.

For people & planet


everyday people

Making a positive impact by choosing Fairphone

999 tons CO2 Avoided in 2022 2,597 flights from Amsterdam to Rome
83.803 Lives impacted since 2017 Around 3.352 football teams
15 tons E-waste taken back in 2022 The weight of 2 fully grown T-Rexes

Give your old phone a second chance

Do you have an old phone lying in a drawer somewhere? Why not reduce the waste? It’s worth it.


Follow our journey

HERE’S An Update on Fairphone 2

After an unprecedented seven years of supporting our beloved Fairphone 2, we are finally stopping software support for the device. After March 2023, we will no longer deliver software updates for the Fairphone 2.

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circular economy: what DOEs iT MEAN?

The “circular economy” is a concept that is becoming more and more prominent in the current Zeitgeist. In short, it’s an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and facilitating the continual use of resources. A world in which we are genuinely circular is one where materials can be used, recycled and reused to their fullest extent.

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how does deep sea mining work?

Besides artisanal mining (ASM) and large-scale mining, there is another type of mining that can potentially enter the mix: deep-sea mining or DSM. How does DSM connect to responsible, fair materials?

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Trust your choice

Exeeded Expectation

The new Fairphone 4.0 arrived within two days just as promised. It's a beautiful phone, and if it is enduring as my 3.0 it will survive apocalypse.

August 02, 2023

Just fine!!

Everything worked well and it was also easy to implement the spare parts to the phone!!

June 25, 2023

Spare parts for phones = winning

1. the whole spare parts spiel is just fantastic
2. Faster delivery than promised, a nice surprise rather than the common delivery disappointment!

July 04, 2023

Best in green electronics


There are more phones than people. And behind every device is a complex supply chain. With suppliers, local communities and the wider industry, we work for fairer materials and more responsible practices. Showing the electronics industry that we can do better.

Together we’re disrupting the industry’s short-term thinking that the world can no longer afford. And changing what it means to be “best.”