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Change is in your hands

We are Fairphone. An Amsterdam-based electronics company. We’re disrupting the industry by changing how our devices are built and produced. It’s only fair.

How change works

Share what we know

Inside every phone is a complex supply chain. We uncover industry practices and show how your phone is made, and it’s impact on the environment. You can tell others too.

Do what we say

Action requires going straight to the source. Where we can, we make our devices with materials that are recycled, or responsibly sourced and conflict-free. Designing best practices that you can support.

Prove it can be done

The proof is in the people. For every fairphone product sold, we’ve proven that electronics can be made more sustainably. And we’re actively challenging industry practices. Together, making an impact.

Our journey
so far

We began as an awareness campaign. Sharing the use of conflict minerals and mining practices in the electronics industry. And, well, the people responded. In 2013, we grew the movement into a business. Idealism drove us. Change keeps us going.

with care

Whatever you buy, it should be yours to own. What does that mean? Well, you should know what’s on the inside. All of the parts and how it’s made in order to take care of it. And take pride in it.

Quality and care go hand in hand. Thats how we see it. Designed to be long-lasting, the quality we put into our devices shows the care for society and our natural world.

What’s inside your

Take a look inside

The Fairphone 5 is our most sustainable phone yet. Made with more fair and recycled materials. Here’s a glimpse at what’s inside.

Our fairest battery

With a capacity of 4200 mAh it will last all day. You can easily swap it out yourself in seconds and it comes with more fair materials inside and integrated in the supply chain than ever.

OLED screen

The Fairphone 5’s OLED screen module is made with durable Corning Gorilla Glass and it’s easily replaceable. All you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes.

USB-C port

Just in case this small but vital little connector ever decides to take a break or call it quits, we’ve made it a replaceable spare part for the Fairphone 5.


The Fairphone 5 contains 100% recycled rare earth elements and 90% recycled plastics for the speaker cover, as well as Fairtrade gold integrated in the supply chain.

Meet the

All the parts in your device come together to work for you because people made it that way. People with interests, hobbies, and full lives. And they deserve a quality of life that’s enough for them and their families. Without them, there would be no smartphone.

Make an impact

Change takes time. But together, we’re making progress.

With every phone we make, we’re improving sourcing, the environment and recyclability, and working conditions. Buying a Fairphone device means disrupting the electronics industry for the better.

999 tons

CO2 avoided in 2022

2,597 flights from Amsterdam to Rome

15 tons

e-waste taken back in 2022

The weight of two fully grown T-Rexes


Lives impacted since 2017

Around 3.352 football teams


living wage bonuses paid in 2022

Almost 1 month extra salary for 1,926 workers

Net Zero by 2045

The biggest commitment we can all make is to hold onto our phones for longer. If we did that, we’d reduce carbon emissions created through new phone production, transport, waste, and usage. That’s why our devices are built to be long-lasting. Beyond that, as a company, we realize we can do more. And for us, that means going to net zero.

See our climate actions

Big impact starts small

Buying, upgrading, or recycling

Stories from the
ground up

Celebrating 10 Years of Fairphone

Ten years ago, they said fairer phones were impossible. Well, look at us now! In this decade, our community grew from 25.000 to over 400.000 – and we’ve already done so much together. But there are still so many people we want to reach out to.

Behind The Screens – A Fairphone Documentary

Fairphone& Waterbear present “Behind the Screens”. Unveil the truth behind your screen with this immersive documentary, exposing the reality of creating our most personal devices. Join the movement to disrupt the smartphone industry and create a more sustainable future, one phone at a time.

Is the Fairphone 5 the most sustainable phone? in the world?

After two years of designing and prototyping and endless development meetings, I am immensely proud to finally unveil to the world the brand new Fairphone 5.


Best in green electronics


There are more phones than people. And behind every device is a complex supply chain. With suppliers, local communities and the wider industry, we work for fairer materials and more responsible practices. Showing the electronics industry that we can do better.

Together we’re disrupting the industry’s short-term thinking that the world can no longer afford. And changing what it means to be “best.”