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Fairphone 4


The Fairphone 4 Loudspeaker creates crystal clear sound and promotes crystal clear practices. Sounds fair.

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€ 19.95

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Repairing is easy

Yours to open, yours to keep. That means you can replace parts yourself. Nothing in your phone is glued shut. So you don’t need expertise to swap out your loudspeaker. Only a Phillips 00 screwdriver.

Watch the video to see how you can replace your loudspeaker.

iFixit score: 10 out of 10 10/10 Fairphone 4 teardown
Crisp audio

Giving your phone it's clear and distinct sound. In music, video, and calls.

Fair materials

Contains recycled rare earth elements and conflict-free tungsten in the vibration motor.

Easy to fix

Easily accessible for a quick fix or swap. Takes seconds.

phone Compatibility

Made for the Fairphone 4 only.